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Nishant Inverter

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Nishant Inverter

Nishant Inverters are based on a pure sine wave with 100% pure power which is pure than the power supplied from the grid – making your equipment safe to run even in the harsher environment. We also undertake repairing and maintenance of UPS/Inverter in Mumbai.

Our range of Nishant Inverter has prominent features such as ease of operation, advanced communication with LCD, low running cost, battery care system that optimize battery performance, and ease of installation


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Nishant Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned Manufacturer, Dealer and Supplier of Nishant Inverter in Mumbai. We believe in satisfying customers by working closely with the customers and providing customized solutions for increased efficiency and productivity.

We sell Nishant Inverter as a part of a standard and a customized solution having an input voltage range of 5KVA to 100KVA. This is ideal for hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, banks and Petrol pumps, lifts, etc. We always provide the best power inverter by analyzing the power requirement of our clients beforehand.

Our range of inverters are tested and checked by our highly qualified and experienced Engineers before delivery is commenced. Our goal is to provide the best product in the terms of performance and quality.